Christmas card from Lea

The card from hebilea finally arrived!
*throws confetti*

I actually got the orange notice so I had to go pick it up at the post office this morning, which took the lady 15 minutes to find this letter -_-; I was almost late to work!
But I'm so glad it arrived! in one piece!

Now we know a holiday card from Slovakia can take nearly 2 months to reach California.

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Last Monday in 2013

Today is the last Monday in 2013, but why do I feel so sad?
This year (for me) did not start well in the beginning, but I think we all found a bit happiness, new adventure, discovery and challenge as the year went by. There's definitely ups and downs, times I wish I can just vanish into air, and times I am so grateful for all the friends and their support that I felt I was the luckiest person in the world.

Not sure what's my New Year resolutions gonna be (do people still do this?), but I hope everyone will enjoy the remaining days/hours in 2013 with friends and families :)

Now I have 2 cards in the mail and it's time to show you what I got!

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Just a few more

I don't think Christmas is over yet, maybe because I didn't see my friends and do the gift exchange, no party, no feast, no cake.
Sigh, Christmas day was more exciting when I was a kid.

At least the cards are keeping the spirit alive!
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In case anyone is curious, I did some doodles/sketches in the cards I sent out this year.
Not every card but at least a handful batch has some drawings ;)


Merry Christmas everyone ^^

It's Christmas Eve day! we were supposed to get holiday lunch at work but it got cancelled last minute, so here I am, posting on LJ before I head home (at least we got half day today).

Here's what came to my mail box yesterday!

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